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Malibu Canyon Waterfall

Malibu canyon waterfall is highly recommended for a day trip. Don’t forget the Pinot Noir.

Hangar 18 South Bay Wall Climbs


About Hangar 18 South Bay Featuring over 12,000 square feet of textured climbing terrain, two massive-free-standing bouldering areas, lead climbing, crack climbs, a huge training section, and the same world-class setting that Hangar 18 has made itself so well-known for, Hangar 18 South Bay L.A. (formerly Beach City Rock) is hands-down the best indoor climbing…

Zion Big Wall Climbs


Zion has hundreds of climbing routes, mostly crack systems, from one pitch long to multi-pitch routes up big walls. In Southwest Utah, Zion National Park is 43 miles east of St. George and Interstate 15. The best Zion big wall routes are: Iron Messiah (III 5.10) 10 pitches. Excellent free route up a big dihedral…

Vernal Falls Yosemite


Awesome hike of 3 to 4 hours of hiking up 1.5 miles on the Mist trail. Usually crowded. Climbing into the mist of the falls is other worldly. Over 300 feet of falling water. There are over 600 steps near the top. We took the John Muir trail back down. You can keep going to…

Whitetail Peak


The 4th highest mountain in Montana, Whitetail is located in the Beartooth range of South-Central Mountana. Get there via the Sundass Pass trail. Late July through early September are mostly without snow. The Beartooth Ranger Station ((406) 446-2103) will get you the latest mountain conditions.